Vivo Life Ritual Protein Powder (2021)

Vivo Life currently have two protein powders in their range – the Vivo Life Perform and the Vivo Life Ritual protein powder.

Today we’re reviewing the Vivo Life Ritual protein powder, which some consider to be the baby brother or the higher-protein, BCAA-rich Perform (our review of which can be found here).

Even though it does have a lower protein content per scoop, we firmly believe that the Ritual stands up on its own two feet for those looking for a well-balanced vegan protein powder, and may potentially be the better option.

Here’s why.

Vivo Life Ritual Review

We bought ourselves a 1kg bag of Vivo Life Ritual protein (chocolate flavour) and used it regularly for a couple of weeks to ensure a full and unbiased review.

Vivo Life Ritual contains 20g of plant-based protein per scoop, with no added sugar and is completely gluten-free. The protein itself is a blend of three different vegan protein sources – yellow pea protein, hemp protein and quinoa protein.

Ritual is a very well-balanced, straight to the point vegan protein powder. There are no additional BCAAs, no ingredients such as turmeric like it’s bigger brother Vivo Life Perform. So you might be wondering, why buy this when I can just go and buy their other product that’s ‘better’?

The reason, we believe, is price.

Whilst prices always vary, you typically find Vivo Life Ritual around 25% cheaper than it’s Perform counterpart. Spread across a year of consistent use, that could be a massive saving.

And whilst having the additional BCAAs may well be beneficial for a lot of people, I’d argue that it’s not so important for the wider public. Most people simply want to supplement their protein intake with the best available vegan protein powder, and that’s exactly what Ritual does.

Main Features of The Vivo Life Ritual Protein Powder

  • 20g of plant protein in every scoop, consisting of pea, hemp and quinoa proteins.
  • A complete amino acid profile.
  • Created and manufactured without pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.
  • 3 incredible flavours to choose from – chocolate (our favourite), vanilla and natural.
  • Third-party tested for traces of any heavy metals (one of the only brands actively doing this with their vegan protein powders).
  • Gluten-free.

Ingredients and Nutrition

The nutritional values of each flavour vary slightly – we bought and tested the chocolate flavour for this review, so if you’re opting for a different flavour, check out the Vivo Life website for accurate nutritional values.

Vivo Life Ritual chocolate flavour provides a scoop in every bag, giving you a 32g serving of a well-balanced, high protein supplement. Each scoop has just 120kcal, with the macros standing at 1.9g of fat, 4.5g of carbohydrates and 20g of protein. Pretty good numbers for a vegan protein powder!

In terms of ingredients used, Ritual is made up of just eight ingredients. The three primary ingredients are the proteins that make up the protein blend (fermented yellow pea protein, cold-pressed hemp protein and quinoa protein powder), followed by natural flavouring, konjac fibre, pink himalayan salt, stevia extract and cocoa powder. Super simple, clean and natural ingredients.

If you’re looking for a clean, simple protein powder with quality ingredients, we wholeheartedly recommend picking up a bag of Vivo Life Ritual.

Now, let’s get down to the taste.

Taste and Mixability

Once again, Vivo Life have knocked it out of the park with the taste of this protein powder.

When mixed with water, Vivo Life Ritual chocolate mixes well with little to no lumps. There’s no gritty taste that comes with some vegan protein powders, and mixing with water creates an excellent shake.

Mixing with a plant-based milk yields similar results, with an obvious shift in taste to a more creamier texture. We opted for oat milk, which added a fairly overwhelming oaty flavour. This is obviously down to the milk, so we’re not knocking points off for that!

Our preference is definitely mixing it with water, so be sure to give it a go if you’re usually a plant milk person.

The Effectiveness of Vivo Life Ritual

We mentioned at the beginning of this review that we think this powder stands up in it’s own right when compared to it’s bigger brother.

It’s an incredibly great tasting, nutritionally-balanced vegan protein powder. It’s no nonsense ingredients are a big thumbs up with our team, with the selling point being the high protein content and the quality ingredients.

vivo life ritual

Vivo Life Ritual – Plant-Based Protein Powder

  • 20g of plant-based protein per scoop
  • Incredible taste
  • Cold-pressed proteins, extracting maximum nutritional value
  • Third party tested for heavy metals
  • 3 flavours available (chocolate, vanilla, natural)


Vivo Life have created two incredible vegan protein powders with their Ritual and Perform products.

Whilst the Perform protein powder is probably best suited to those on a serious fitness regime, the Vivo Life Ritual is best for those who are looking for a quality vegan protein powder at a good price point.

If you’re on the fence and deciding which vegan protein powder to buy, we absolutely recommend giving Ritual a go – you definitely won’t regret it.

Vivo Life Ritual Protein Powder Review (2021) | Best Vegan

Looking for a complete and honest review of the Vivo Life Ritual Protein Powder? Read our full review and the pros and cons (2020 review).

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Vivo Life Ritual Protein Powder (2021)

Vivo Life Ritual Protein Powder Review (2021) | Best Vegan

Looking for a complete and honest review of the Vivo Life Ritual Protein Powder? Read our full review and the pros and cons (2020 review).

Product In Stock: https://schema.org/InStock

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