SCI-MX Nutrition Ultra Plant Review

We test a LOT of vegan protein powders at Best Vegan HQ, and today we’re reviewing a new product from one of the big brands.

SCI-MX is one of the leading brands in protein supplements, and they have recently launched a second vegan protein, the SCI-MX Nutrition Ultra Plant Protein Powder.

SCI-MX currently have two vegan protein powders:

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Let’s get into the review!


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SCI-MX Nutrition Ultra Plant Vegan Protein is a fairly new product on the UK market, so it’s yet to make an impact when compared to it’s bigger brother. Ultra Plant is described as the premium version of the two SCI-MX vegan powders, with additional benefits such as being completely soy-free and non-GMO. When you consider the quality of this vegan protein, you quickly begin to see that SCI-MX Ultra Plant may well end up being one of the best vegan protein powders available today.

One scoop of Ultra Plant provides a whopping 33g of protein – that’s a huge amount of protein for any powder. A serving of that size makes it an ideal supplement for before or after the gym, or even if you’re just looking to increase your daily intake of protein.

So, why do we have such high hopes for the SCI-MX Ultra Plant Protein Powder? Is it really better than SCI-MX’s other vegan protein powder? Could it be the best available vegan protein on the market today?

Let’s take a look at the main features to find out.

Main Features of The SCI-MX Nutrition Ultra Plant

  • Incredibly high protein content per serving: one scoop is giving you 33g of protein, which is one of the highest on the market. The protein source is a blend of pea protein and rice protein (both non-GMO).
  • Naturally high in BCAA’s: if you’re a gym-goer, you’ll know how important BCAA’s our for aiding recovery and building muscle. Ultra Plant has naturally high levels of BCAA’s (5.9g per scoop) and also provides zinc, magnesium, vitamin B12 and vitamin B6 to support your training on a plant-based diet.
  • Anti-workout fatigue: the added zinc, magnesium and B vitamins help to reduce fatigue before a big workout, making Ultra Plant a perfect pre-workout supplement.
  • Incredible flavour: we’re happy to report that SCI-MX Ultra Plant is one of the best tasting vegan protein shakes we’ve ever had. It’s currently available in just one flavour, chocolate hazelnut.
  • Mixes well: we’ve mixed it with water and gotten a smooth, lump-free consistency every time. Our preferred choice, however, is mixing it with plant milk. When we mixed Ultra Plant with oat milk, it gave a smooth, nutty and creamy texture. Around 300-400ml seems to work best per scoop.
  • Promotes muscle growth: SCI-MX Nutrition Ultra Plant helps to maintain and increase muscle mass.

Ingredients and Nutrition

Formulated from 100% plant-based ingredients, the SCI-MX Ultra Plant protein has managed to get the most out of any other vegan protein powder on the market.

The protein content is derived from a mixture of pea proteins and rice proteins. Both are non-GMO (genetically modified organism), meaning that they haven’t been created or modified in a lab. There’s a lot of debate in this area that we’re not going to get into today, but essentially the argument is that GMOs can create genes that do not occur in nature and could cause problems in the future. More info on GMO crops can be found by clicking here.

For vegans, it’s important to ensure that your vitamin and mineral levels are being topped up where possible, specifically your B vitamins. Fortunately, SCI-MX have added vitamin B6 and B12 into their Ultra Plant protein, as well as zinc and magnesium. Everything your body needs to aid recovery and muscle growth.

In terms of macros, one scoop (45g) provides 181kcal, 33g of protein, 3.5g of fat, 3.6g of carbohydrates and 1.3g of fibre. A solid nutritional profile with one of the highest levels of protein we’ve ever seen.

Taste and Mixability

Now that you know the SCI-MX Nutrition Ultra Plant is one of the best protein powders in terms of nutrition, you’ll want to know how it tastes! After all, there’s no point in buying it if it tastes like an old sock.

Currently, there’s just one flavour available, which is chocolate hazelnut. It’s a shame there aren’t more options when it comes to flavours, but fingers-crossed SCI-MX will bring more out soon.

We bought a bag of chocolate hazelnut and tested it out over a period of a few weeks and at different times of the day, using both water and oat milk.

It. Tastes. Incredible.

There were six of us trying it out, and we didn’t get any negative feedback on the flavour. Sometimes, pea proteins can taste a bit mealy and not very appetising. The SCI-MX Nutrition Ultra Plant has managed to overcome this and create a genuinely great tasting protein shake.

When mixed with water (we opted for 350ml), you get a smooth, lump-free protein shake with a solid nutty taste and a hint of chocolate. It’s definitely more nutty than chocolatey, but it’s a good balance.

When mixed with plant milk (we used oat), it enhanced the smooth flavour and compliments the nuttiness well.

Both are solid choices, so it will come down to your personal preference. We didn’t find any issues with mixability of lumpiness.

Value for Money

It’s always important to consider the balance between cost and the quality of the protein. This is one of the best vegan protein powders on the market, and so it carries a higher price tag than some other powders.

However, if you’re serious about your nutrition and you want to ensure that you’re only using quality vegan protein, we definitely recommend giving Ultra Plant a go.

sci-mx nutrition ultra plant

SCI-MX Nutrition Ultra Plant Protein Powder

  • 33g Plant protein per serving
  • One of the best tasting vegan protein powders available
  • Non GMO
  • Soy-free
  • Advanced 100% plant-based high protein blend
  • Uniquely formulated with DigeZyme digestive enzymes


Even though SCI-MX have launched just two vegan protein powders, they’ve clearly put some real effort into making them some of the best vegan options available. The ingredients, nutritional profile and taste of the Ultra Plant protein makes this one of the best protein powders money can buy.

If you’re on the lookout for a quality protein powder that will give your body everything it needs to get you through those gym sessions, then look no further than the SCI-MX Nutrition Ultra Plant.

SCI-MX Nutrition Ultra Plant Review

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SCI-MX Nutrition Ultra Plant Review

SCI-MX Nutrition Ultra Plant Review

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